Vehicle Accidents and the Role of Lawyers

In general, automobile accidents occur as a result of human error in vehicle service, road construction, and vehicle manufacturing and maintenance. Have a look at hit by a driver for more info on this. Accidents involving vehicles may include 18 wheeler accidents, bus accidents, truck accidents, and passenger cars and vans. The job of lawyers in society is to make things better and they usually do so.

A disproportionately large number of vehicle accidents are caused by young people and the elderly. The young because they’re reckless and the aged because their bodies just aren’t as strong as before. The principal cause of vehicle accidents is often speed. The elderly react much slower than the younger, and have to drive substantially slower to avoid collision. The elderly usually don’t drive, but speed limits can be too high for the elderly, since they just don’t respond quick enough.

Younger drivers aren’t too familiar with driving recklessly, but do after a few traffic tickets and seeing their insurance premiums increase. Because of the potentially higher insurance rates many drivers drive carefully. Many drivers tend to keep car accidents secret and try to pay from their own pocket for damages. This type of arrangements that follow a vehicle accident is very common, but often fires back on the victim of the injury. Sometimes, the accident victim does not know the severity of the injuries until they learn several hours later that they can barely function.

Despite the best attempts to keep the auto accident hidden from the insurance company, the person causing the accident frequently finds himself in a law suit. Insurance companies then use the incident as an excuse to increase the rate. Insurance firms are eager to point the finger at attorneys with personal injuries as the primary reason to increase insurance premiums. Studies contradict those points of view. Vehicle collisions are caused by reckless pilots, faulty vehicle manufacturing and inadequate vehicle servicing, not personal injury counsel. The human injury lawyer simply advocates the rights of the victim of personal injury.

What is interesting is that historical evidence shows the amount of cases involving personal injuries has significantly fallen in the last 5 years. This was largely a product of cleaner cars. Cars are safer as a result of hundreds of personal injury claims for faulty vehicles brought against car manufacturers. Car manufacturers also use statistical analyzes to assess whether bringing faulty vehicles into the market and paying out in litigation or repairing and fixing the defects is more profitable. Personal injury lawyers are serving guard dogs once again and protecting consumers.