Real Estate Agents – Why You Need One

In today’s property market, where the internet offers unprecedented opportunities for advertisement and getting your property out there and in front of the widest possible audience, it’s often tempting that it’s a good idea to go it alone when trying to sell a house. More about the author available here.

Although on the one hand this may have some advantages, particularly as regards saving money on fees, the basic fact of the matter is that real estate agents also have plenty of advantages that would otherwise not be available to the self-seller.

Convenience The convenience problem is one which is often ignored by people looking to sell their house. If you go on the self-sale route, you can quickly find yourself inundated at all hours of the day with calls from prospective buyers and you can never promise that these will arrive at a convenient time. If you’re busy or don’t react quickly, a potential buyer may want to move on and find something else, and if you’ve got a real estate agent, it’s their job to call you.

In fact, an estate agent has access to a variety of information that you don’t have available. They have business connections that can help you sell your property quicker and, if you’re buying it, they can also help you narrow down your quest to properties that suit you. There’s a lot of work going into every real estate transaction and most people probably just don’t have the time to do it and do it well.

Negotiations How much in daily life do you find yourself haggling for prices? We’re willing to bet it’s not all that often, as the barter culture in local shopping malls isn’t exactly flourishing. Nonetheless, it is a fact of the property market that if you want to get as much value for your property as possible or want to hammer out an extra couple of grand off the asking price, having good negotiation skills comes crunch time is key.

A successful real estate agent will have these skills and, if you recruit them, will use them in your favor. You will be able to communicate with potential buyers and accentuate all the positive aspects of the home you are looking to sell. In fact, if you purchase, they’ll be able to use any problems you find with a property to your benefit in an attempt to get a discount on the sale price.

As the estate agent works for the transaction as a middle man they can also play the bad guy when needed. Too many real estate transactions fail at the last hurdle due to a small fall between buyer and seller, which is something a real estate agent can help avoid by putting all the emphasis on them when delivering bad news. This keeps relationships pleasant and smooth, making a sale or purchase easier.