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You could have a personal injury claim if you have been injured by no fault of your own. If so, you should hear from your accident attorney what to expect. Although getting proper medical attention is the first thing to do after an accident, the second thing can be just as important: make sure you find a good lawyer who can direct you through the often murky process of resolution of a personal injury lawsuit. What do you expect for your PI solicitor, exactly? Why in the first place do you even need an attorney? Get more info about Katzman & Sugden, LLC.

For any personal injury lawsuit where you have sustained a reasonably serious physical injury or other damages, such as property harm, you would need a lawyer.

Generally speaking, you need to employ an accident claims attorney if you’re off work for more than a few days, or if your medical expenses are above a couple of thousand dollars. If the solicitor has been hired, he or she will begin work on your case. A clarification and examination of your allegation and a review of your medical history would be stage one.

First, the lawyer will hold an interview with you about the details of how the accident occurred. This will likely provide some background information, as well as your current medical condition and the recommended medical care. All about the crash, the injuries you have suffered and the treatment, the accident injury attorney may need to know. For your solicitor, be absolutely frank and upfront. Your lawyer doesn’t want any unknown data to come as a surprise.

Both medical reports and expenses relating to the personal injury accident will next be checked by the lawyer. This can be a lengthy process, so if things seem to take a long time, don’t get discouraged. You want a thorough analysis to be done by your solicitor.

Before ever filing a lawsuit, most minor personal injury cases are settled. If the likelihood of a settlement is strong, then the other attorney involved or the insurance firm of the other party will be questioned by your counsel. If that is not an option, then a personal injury case would be brought by the counsel.

Things can seem to come to a standstill once the case is filed, but have patience, again. For a personal injury lawsuit to enter trial, it can take from one to two years or more. Next happens the Discovery Process, with each side

investigating the legitimate arguments and defences of the other sides. For such papers, they submit questions and requests and begin the process of taking depositions. It can take from six months to a year or more for this part of the process. Mediation and Arbitration, which may or may not result in a settlement, is next in the legal process. Your case will be scheduled for trial if there is no injury lawsuit settlement.

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