Choosing Austin Regenerative Doctor

A Regenerative doctor is one who heals, rather than treating, disease. They are focused on helping patients to repair damaged or dying tissues in the body and use advanced medical practices such as biopsies, tissue grafts and laser surgery. Many times a patient will be diagnosed with cancer and treated with a drug that has many dangerous side effects such as making their cancer cells grow at an accelerated rate. With regenerative medicine, these cancer cells are targeted by the body’s natural defenses and the drugs are never used for a long time. This often allows a patient to live a longer and healthier life because they don’t suffer from any of the serious side effects of chemotherapy or radiation.Learn more by visiting Austin regenerative doctor

In addition to this, a regenerative doctor can also provide their patients with various types of physical therapies. These can include everything from massage therapy to electrical stimulation or even surgery. Some of the physical therapists that work for regenerative medicine clinics are Physical Therapists, whom regenerate patients using various types of therapeutic techniques; Massage Therapists, who use electric stimulation, electrical stimulation, heat, cold packs or ultrasound to help repair tissue damage; and Acupuncturists, who perform specialized forms of physical therapy that include movement therapy, balance therapy or stress relief.

Many people are skeptical about regenerative medicine but there are many people who have benefited from these treatments. For instance, breast cancer patients have seen tremendous results when undergoing stem cell transplants. The same holds true for stem cells from other areas damaged by disease, such as heart disease and brain injuries. regenerative medicine has been proven to greatly increase the chances of a patient surviving their disease when compared to traditional treatments; however, it is important to note that this type of treatment has not been completely successful in all cases. While there are many who survive terminal diseases through this treatment, it is hard to find one who has not been touched in some way by this alternative form of medicine.