VinVerification – Some Guidelines to Follow

Vin Verfication is a non-destructive test that allows a third party to verify the car’s ownership, by matching the VIN number to a verified ownership document. The VIN, is usually issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles and is obtained from the Carfax machine when a vehicle is purchased. By simply looking at the VIN and reading the plate number and letters at the back of the car, the owner can determine whether or not the car has ever been involved in an accident and, if so, who was at fault. The insurance company can then determine what their premium will be on the vehicle. VinVerification has some nice tips on this.


The benefits of Verfication are many. For example, because the VIN is available to the public, there are fewer false claims made by owners of newer vehicles. This helps to reduce the cost of insurance for these newer, less costly automobiles. By contacting a verifier, owners are also able to keep track of their vehicle’s safety history, helping them to determine what maintenance needs to be done and whether or not the vehicle should be kept in pristine condition at all times.

While VIN verification is becoming more prevalent, it is still not used by every insurance provider. This means that if you plan on getting your vehicle verified, it is important to shop around. Because the VIN number changes each year, it is important to go to a company that will guarantee the accuracy of the report. Some companies are known to inflate the mileage on older vehicles in order to make it appear younger than it is. This may lead to higher insurance premiums.

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