The Importance Of Having A Family Dentist

Family dentistry deals with all dental issues affecting people in the family, including pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence. It also includes issues such as pre-school and school children’s oral health. These family practitioners work closely with pediatric dentists and orthodontists. This also includes pediatric dentist treatments for birth defects, premature babies, and other special needs. Generally, family dentistry provides preventative care as well as treatment of oral diseases.You may want to check out Sterling family dentist for more.

The importance of ensuring proper oral care by your family dentist starts from childhood. Children need to have dental appointments every year, especially those that coincide with their routine pediatric dentist visits. Parents should ensure that their children attend regular dental appointments and clean their teeth well. Good dental hygiene can help you protect your child’s overall health and wellbeing. Regular check-ups with the family dentist also help prevent serious dental conditions later in life.

Teenagers and children over the age of four needs to have their teeth cleaned at least twice each year. The best way to do this is to schedule one appointment a year for the ages of your family to have cleanings. Children between the ages of four and seven may also need their braces during their first year of cleanings. Regardless of the ages involved, it is important to schedule a visit with a family dentist to ensure the overall dental health and well being of your family.


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