Search Engine Optimization: A Brief History

During the time when SEO has yet to achieve its popularity, it was difficult for small business owners to compete with bigger companies and more developed companies. Using conventional media, such as television , radio, print ads, has never been a choice, not just because it was expensive, but because this large-scale form of advertisement was not suitable for small companies that only catered to their localities and small businesses. Even if it was feasible and practical to launch a television commercial, there was still no strong market for small businesses. Feel free to find more information at seo australia

Today, local market development may seem impossible if you think back to the days when SEO hasn’t yet been introduced to larger audiences. SEO has been around since the early 90’s, it’s true, but its service was mostly for larger businesses who could afford it. At that time , the Internet was not as widespread, and only big business had internet access (or had reasons to use it).

SEO is without question the primary factor behind the latest boom in local business. Since SEO is a cheap way to promote a company, even local startups have the potential and ability to compete with bigger firms.

The success of SEO falls on one important aspect-the growth of the Internet, which ignited the overreliance of people on the Web. It was in the year 2000 when people began to get more interested on the Web; this was the decade where it was done online. During that decade, when Internet had achieved its peak, the television, radio , and newspapers lost their influence, mostly because all the knowledge that people wanted was on the web. This big consumer problem was accompanied by the drastic decrease in popularity of the conventional media, as the number of TV watchers and newspaper readers too had declined. Subsequently, the Web’s success was seen by advertisers as a medium for cheaper ads and marketing strategies. Back then, companies had begun to reduce their conventional marketing spending and started to turn to then-booming Internet advertising. First, email marketing and PPC dominated the Web and online advertising, then Search Engine Optimization came in and washed them out of the market gradually.

SEO became more popular than any Internet marketing and advertising mechanism because it was the only method experts supported for a longer period of time, not only because it was a new thing, but also because it produced, among others, the highest ROI and productivity performance.

Over the years, the typical search engine-reliant method has given birth to numerous sub-industries such as SEO Reselling (which introduced the equal agreement middlemen-type Private Label SEO to the public), SEO Web Designing, and SEO writing.