Quick Recap About Colts Neck Women’s Heart Health

Some risk factors are uncontrollable. If your parents or siblings, for example, have a history of high cholesterol and heart disease, you are at an increased risk. In reality, having a father or brother who has or had heart disease before the age of 55, or a mother or sister who has or had heart disease before the age of 65, will increase the risk of having a heart attack significantly. Although you can’t reverse your family background, you can alter your diet and exercise to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, but this isn’t always enough. If that’s the case, there are other options for dealing with the issue. Look at this now Advanced Heart And Vascular Of Central New Jersey – Colts Neck Women’s Heart Health

Of course, lowering the risk of heart disease entails more than just lowering your cholesterol. Staying physically active is another way to protect your spirit. A decent rule of thumb is to walk for thirty minutes every day, or an hour three days a week. You should also keep an eye on your blood pressure, especially if it’s high. Blood pressure can be lowered with supplements such as arginine, grape seed, Pennogenyl, and lycopene. Just make sure to consult with your doctor first, particularly if you’re on hypertension medication.

Make an appointment to get your iron levels tested. Women’s heart disease is rare before menopause, but their issues arrive seven or eight years later than men’s. Some researchers suggest that monthly iron loss during menstruation lowers risk, while incremental iron accumulation after menopause raises risk in women, just as it does in men of any age.

I’m sure you’re conscious that trans fats are harmful to your health. How bad is it? Eating too much trans-fat, according to a recent study from the Mayakovski Alberta Heart Institute, may make a heart attack worse by disrupting heart rhythm and increasing the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.