Homein Window Film Chronicles

Believe it not, most people do not really know exactly what window film is. Window films are composed of a polyester substrate that has a scratch resistant coating on one side. On the other side is a mounting adhesive layer with a protective liner. When window film is applied you remove the protective layer and saturate the adhesive with water and apply to the interior of the window. see post

The new design in high end homes is to have as much natural light as possible and to take advantage of the beautiful views that most have. Basically the only way to accomplish both is to have a lot of glass. As you can guess, along with all this light comes the heat and the glare, but also the damaging UV Rays. There are six factors that affect the fading of the fabrics:

1. Ultra Violet Light
2. Visible Light
3. Heat & Humidity
4. Chemical Vapors (including ozone)
5. Age of Fabric
6. Dye Fastness

Applying window film is and installing skylight diffusers or filters (which is basically tinting for skylights) will eliminate some of these conditions. They will knock out up to 99.9% of the UV Rays, up to 95% of the Visible light and up to 79% of the Heat.

Some people believe that if they have overhangs or window coverings they are protected from these damaging elements but not so. Overhangs do not block out the UV rays, they can bounce off walls, patios etc, and as far as your window coverings they may block these damaging rays from you interior but what are they doing to your window coverings. As you well know, blinds, drapes, wooden shutters etc, can be quite expensive so you will want to protect them just as much as the other furnishings, art work, flooring etc. that you have in your home. Applying window film to your windows and installing diffusers in your skylights will greatly reduce the damage that the sun’s rays will do to the interior of your home.

Other benefits to applying window films are your cooling costs will decrease and depending on the film you choose you could qualify for a Federal Tax Credit. Another benefit many people apply window film for is daytime privacy. There is nothing worse than having your neighbors be able to look right into your living room, kitchen, bedroom or bath. However, at night you don’t get to enjoy that same privacy. If there is a light on in that room, you can still see in from outside. One benefit that most people are not aware of is the protection you personally get from the window film. Many window films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as good UV Ray protectant. Finally, not only do they give you lower cooling costs, daytime privacy and protect your furnishings and your skin, but they give your home a much more elegant and modern look.