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Any SMB has to be constantly aware of the upcoming skills and technologies in telecom and learn how these can be taken advantage of to reduce their telecommunications costs. For example, using VOIP and a IP-PBX system can result in significant savings. Utilizing VoIP, calling from one computer to another is absolutely free. And even though calling a phone mobile or landline – from a computer involves a certain fee, this is significantly less than the international call charges that the company would have to expect were they made over the conventional phone networks. If you’re looking for more tips, DAS Installation Tampa has it for you.

Businesses can also consider employing specialised software to break down not only telecom bills but also rates and plans as well as to compare various vendor offerings. Another alternative is for businesses to outsource to experts who specialize in telecommunications analysis and cost management, thereby achieving better results at lower prices.

One of the best ways a business can see to it that it is getting the most robust and cost effective solution is to work with a telecom master agent that represents a variety of carriers providing services such as commercial long distance and local phone service, high speed internet access, data services or even integrated voice and data services. A master agent first understands the telecommunications needs of a business and then works with the carriers it represents to provide a host of solutions that will fit these needs as also the budget of the company.

This taken into consideration, it should seem obvious that bringing down telecom expenses has to be a priority for most businesses. Yet, overseeing telecommunications costs is not an easy task either for a Fortune 500 company or a small business. With hundreds or thousands of invoices for various services being received, it is hard work to go carefully through all expenses listed. Further, this is just one part of the problem. To really manage telecommunications costs, a business has to have a regular and comprehensive examination strategy to monitor and change, if need be, various plans, services and resources.

When it is time for renewing a contract, businesses should make sure their contracts are competitive, rather than automatically renewing their present contract. They can request various carriers to supply details of specific plans or packages the company is interested in and ask them to quote a price for those services, or have a master agent compare costs.

Another means to reducing telecom expense is to optimise circuits so that they can be used to their maximum efficiency. This can be done by consolidating multiple narrow bandwidth lines – like the separate lines used for Internet access, PC connections to the Intranet and internal applications, the switchboard, credit card readers – into a few higher bandwidth lines. On the other hand, some companies, based on the plan they have selected, may have many smaller circuits that are not being fully utilized. In such a case, the best way to optimise the circuits may be to migrate some of the high cost, higher-capacity circuits to these smaller circuits.


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