California Center for Ketamine Therapy- Insights

Despite the potential benefit of ketamine therapy, the authors have warned against its abuse potential. Many people struggling with the pain of mental health issues get into substance abuse to mitigate their suffering. If you’re looking for more tips, California Center for Ketamine Therapy – Ketamine Clinic has it for you. With long-term use of any drug, they can become dependent or addicted. When an individual suffers from both mental health and substance abuse problems, the condition is known as co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis. Co-occurring disorders treatment has to take into account both the conditions and treat them simultaneously for better outcomes.

Alongside the article, an editorial was also published by the AJP editor, Robert Freedman, and additional members of the board. The authors noted the abuse potential of ketamine after analyzing the existing reports of abuse of the prescribed drug. They emphasized on the need for further research in this domain during the phase-three trial, like investigating cravings and potential use of ketamine from other sources.

The authors acknowledged that it is their responsibility as well to prevent a new drug epidemic. They also suggested the necessity of having more inputs for development of effective controls on use and distribution of ketamine. According to Freedman and colleagues, steps taken to control ketamine use would not hamper its usage for the needy population. It will rather protect those who are at risk of abusing it.

Dealing with co-occurring disorders
Despite showing promising results in reducing depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts, ketamine is not yet approved for the treatment. However, in an attempt to self-medicate, mitigate pain and induce relaxation, many people abuse the drug. Ketamine distorts perceptions of sight and sound, and causes hallucinations. It’s a popular party drug usually abused by teens and young adults. It’s a Schedule III substance and used only as an anesthetic.