An Ideal Information For Cosmetic Bonding

Having the perfect set of pearly whites can be achieved with several advances in the techniques of services offered by cosmetic dentists. With the right dentist and materials, even teeth that were once not taken care of can be restored and revamped to provide you with a flawless smile. While services are available in practically every city, beauty does not come cheap. Dental veneers, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry bonding can add up to a pretty penny. Because it is a rather hefty investment, it is important to research your options of dentists in the area, the procedure itself, and average pricing of services. For more info see post.

Dental bonding is a composite filling that is used to provide patients with a restored and improved smile. The most common reason a patient will seek out dental cosmetic bonding is to reshape misshapen teeth, fill in gaps and lighten noticeable stains. Covering up these flaws provides pleasing results and a polished surface. With advances in the cosmetic bonding used, the filler is known to last between seven to eleven years after being applied.

The process of the procedure is very basic. A solution is applied to the primary teeth to create a rough surface for resin to adhere to. The bonding chosen will depend on the coloring and shade of your teeth and will be customized to blend evenly. The bonding is adhered to the teeth using a high intensity light that hardens within minutes. The amount of layering will depend on the task at hand. Each particular case will vary, however an average project will take between one and two hours.

There are two types of bonding procedures depending on the situation. Small corrections will require one visit for color matching and fillings. Larger corrections will require a special order through the dental lab and may require a molding and placing of a temporary filling. These bonds are very durable, stain resistant and natural looking.

The costs of cosmetic dental bonding varies significantly depending on the dental office, however you should expect to pay between $300 and $600 per tooth. Because this is a cosmetic procedure, most insurance plans will not cover it unless it is necessary for the structure of your teeth. It is the perfect alternative to silver fillings which are unsightly and known to cause cracks in the teeth. It is also great for stains on the teeth that have been unsuccessfully treated by professional or home tooth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry bonding, although expensive, has become a popular procedure performed in dentist offices all over the nation to assist people in achieving the perfect smile painlessly.